I got a Raspberry Pi and have been making it do stuff! (2012)

So far it is a remote backup drive for my main PC, a NAS drive, a media server, and a bit-torrent client.

Grinding Tranny Mod for rFactor (2010-11)

The Grinding Tranny Mod is a plugin that attempts to provide another dimension to the gearshifts in rFactor by monitoring your rev-matching and use of the clutch during gear changes, and then taking action if you get it all wrong -- you don't complete the shift.

Instead you'll hear the gearbox grinding, and be stuck in neutral for a little while. It certainly won't make you any quicker around the track, but it will definitely make you more careful about how you change gear and perhaps for the first time give you a real reason to use the clutch pedal while shifting.

Brake Vibration Mod for rFactor and GTR2 (2009)

A modification to the brake pedal of my Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel that gives it vibration feedback to indicate whether the wheels are locked under braking.  As I have very little experience in either electronics or programming, and none at all in programming for devices, this was more about the fun of the journey than the destination.