I bought a lovely Takamine GS330S acoustic guitar when I got to New York, a lot like this one but the top of mine is much nicer: mine has a darker, more even, and tighter grained cedar.  The satin finish looks great on it.  I tried so many guitars, but when I first played this one I knew it was the one I would get -- it had exactly the type of tone I was searching for and plays really nicely.  If I had a decent mic I would make a recording of it...

... but I don't.

When I was down in Tennessee with my parents I stopped by a music shop and picked up a Hohner Blues Harp (in A) to complement my Lee Oskar (in D).  The Blues Harp has a thinner sound, the draw is definitely pretty blusey sounding, but I think I prefer the Oskar's tone -- much more substance and body, and it really belts it out when pushed!