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21/10/12  Adventures in Raspberry Pi

13/02/11  Grinding Tranny Mod for rFactor

28/06/09  rFactor Brake Vibration Mod

13/3/09   Sweet pics of mine and Sean's rides for Season 3

20/7/08   Added Fanatec Racing Wheel Review

02/7/08   Updated Aussie P&G League Results and Added a Pic of my New Car for Season 2

Dear visitor,

In a fit of spontaneity I bought (rented?) richardjackett.com with no plans on what to do with it.  My conditions of entry to the US prohibit me from engaging in activity designed to bring down the government (does that mean democracy?) so that rules out several possibilities.  However I'm also aware that this is likely to be the internet's least popular website, which takes the pressure off a bit.

Perhaps eventually I'll come up with some awesome idea for the site, but on the assumption that this is as good as its going to get, I'll just post about my interests, maybe some photos, and probably end up abandoning the site after a couple of months and only remembering about it when I get another bill from godaddy.com.

But now is a time for enthusiasm about this relatively new project, so please make yourself at home: feel free to wander about the magical corridors of richardjackett.com, be enthralled by its educational value, laugh at its engaging stories, and let your eyeballs be romanced by its bold brown colour scheme.

Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy your stay.

Richard Jackett, March 2008


Update June 2009:  So the site turned out somewhat nerdtastic: somewhere that I can corral all the little sim racing projects that I do from time to time.

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